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premiere visite au Montreal


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Well, I went to Montreal for the first time ever over the weekend, and I loved it!....and the weather on Saturday was fantastic, 15 degrees and sunny!

Got to check out the Leafs and the Canadiens on Saturday night at the Molson Centre....I couldn't really tell I was in Montreal though, cause almost half the people in the arena were leafs fans:)

One thing I didn't quite like about Montreal though was how the timers in the cabs operate.....they go by time, and not distance.....so I paid $5 to maybe 100 meters:mad:

But overall, a great weekend, and there will be pix shortly.



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Glad you had fun Toby!
Montreal is greeeat :)
I am going up this weekend for a girls bender :D!!!

I can't wait to shop! I love Montreal shopping!
this will be followed closely with us partying like it's our jobs :D!!

poker face

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That is wicked to hear!

I might possibly head up there this weekend or at the end of the month for some good times also.

Lee <-- checking to find out what is coming up there!