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Prediction for a "rave" revival in ten years


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Drive around the city, and you see these huuuuuge complexes, which contain anything from Costco to SuperMegaMonsterMoviePlexes.

A decade from now, they will (most of them) be going under when the "let's go shopping in a huge warehouse" attitude fades, and people refuse to pay big bucks for a film experience which consists of getting annoyed at dumbfucks (i.e. the kids around you, and the people who made the garbage onscreen).

So, what's going to happen? Think about it. Large complexes. Looser attitudes, since many of the morons will hopefully be dead (Fantino, et al... let's keep our fingers crossed). Won't have to pick up some weird egg (a la 90210), but there will be some sort of interweb thing encrypted to look like an egg, with directions on how to get there.

Okay, scrap that prediction. How about a full body virtual reality suit that you put on simultaneously with thousands of fuckers across the planet, and you can move around in this virtual space, interact, shoot bastards, get fucked on virtual heroin that's in your virtual e's... hey, the sky's the limit.


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By then, I'll be thirty-three.
And the kids will have come up with something cooler to do.
And I'll be complaining about how crazy kids are these days.