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Preacherman Yumm Yumm Good 9 'Cooking w. Techno'


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House sitting for the parents these next few weeks. I just couldn't be without my equipment and my music. So I set up shop in the kitchen turned out the lights and just had it.

This mix encapsulates a typical evening of Underground Sound. It starts off with a great set of intros that sets up [Toronto Native; now Berlin Resident] Noah Pred's 'Closer to Home'. And the next few choons are just pure juicy-ness. Son Of Raw's 'Black Man In Space (Sax Mix)' grabbed my attention the other day while parousing the annals of Beatport. Yummy Good.

The Main Course just gets dropped on the table, featuring a bevvy of Techno Grooves including one by Nicole Moudaber. "She's so Hot Right Now!"

Heading into the Club the bass just keeps rolling as the darkness turns to light for a bit with some dreamy Housey trax; the highlight of this section is Finnebassen's 'Touching Me (Alessandro Otiz ReWork Mix)'. Alessandro is a producer/DJ from Greece; he has provided good feedback on a few mixes I have posted that featured his trax, and when I wrote him the other day regarding this Remix...he posted on my Soundcloud "play it in some club or bar with good sound and u will see after 3:42 what will happen Trust me ..” - So I cranked up my 12" Rockits and got present to the crazy panning.

Upon leaving the club head out to an After Hours; this could be anywhere. In many a night it was just hanging out with like minded lads and lasses and getting connected to another groove. These last set of choons gives the perspective from the Preacherman's point of view. And Prompt's 'Ambee' is just a sweet track to close out a great night out and head to bed. I left a Bonus Track in there for y'all that I am sure will tickle your fancy.

So there you have it a Night Out With the Preacherman.

Thank you for letting me share this experience with you. Enjoy the Music, Enjoy the Journey.
Part I

Part II



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