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Preacherman 'One Night' Deep Tech Techno


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This past weekend I was invited down by Fine Tuned Recordings :: Beatport as their Producers and DJs took over the FUNKY ROOM @ PACHA NYC. The invite was spawned by a couple of mixes I had put together over the last several weeks featuring two of their trax. It was a full moon Friday before my ride down to NYC and this is what my night was about. Enjoy!!!


**The photo was taken in Montreal a couple of years back...do you recognize it?

Anthoni Logos 'Conciousness (Original Mix)'
Anil Chawla 'Bells (Original Mix)'
Cuartero 'Be (Original Mix)'
Derek Marin 'Drumming Song (Original Mix)'
Dirty Secretz 'Back In The Day (Original Mix)'
Eduardo F. 'Some Bass (Original Mix)'
Fisher & Fiebak 'Moments (Original Mix)'
Jens Bond, Jacob Phono 'No Cure (Audio Jack's Jam On Mars)'
Jindo, Anthony Cardinale 'Moon Jumpin feat. Jindo (Original Mix)'
Jochen Pash 'Rootz (DJ Smilk Remix)'
Kaiserdisco 'Junglism (Original Mix)'
Power Tool 'Snap It Up (Original Mix)'
Will Saul, Tam Cooper 'Hi-Lo (Original Mix)'
Booka Shade, Marc Romboy 'Everyday In My Life (Kaiserdisco's Retro Touch)'
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