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Preacherman 'Dr. Lectors's Double Dose Mix'


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The previous Halloween mix, 'Fright Night', captured some of the horror classics. In this latest compilation I choose a scene from one of the most and if not most favorite and compelling scenes of any movie I have ever witnessed, 'Manhunter'. Pure magic in how Michael Mann of 'Miami Vice' fame put this scene and this movie together. He is truly a master at his craft and his passion is what lends itself to one of my very select influences in how I observe and appreciate film and music. I had several pieces to choose from for this latest, of my cinematic/Halloween compilations , and I wanted to use all the selections I had curated, but this scene from Manhunter summed up everything I wanted to accomplish with this compilation. Enjoy. It is what YUMM YUMM GOOD is all about. - Preacherman

do check our 'Manhunter' and you will realize what superior storytelling and movie making is all about. You will want your movie going experience to measure up to this each and every time.


^^^Nathan Barato's "Moons Make People Weird" Original Mix; one of his earliest releases on Beatport ... dropped it in with Mintech's "Silicium" Original Mix ... listen @ 34:00 minutes YUMMY GOOD!!!

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