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Prarie Fire vs. Snakebite


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Has anybody ever had a Snakebite or a Prarie Fire? I had about three of each this weekend and let me tell you, that is some next level material. One was Tobasco sauce with Tequila straight and I don't know what the other was but those were the two hardest shots I have ever done. Even the bartender was looking at us and saying "You guys are crazy" with a friendly *grin* on his face. Both shots just sit in your chest cavity for about three minutes and your mouth is burning so much that you have to buy a water. kewl. Anybody know what I am saying?

STRAIGHT ............ no chaser! ==================================> Suke.


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Prarie Fires are nasty...on my 19th my friends got me one, althought i sware it was just strait tobascco...nasty none the less



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I actually dont find prarie fires that bad, its all my rugby team drang! We would call them Mexican assholes though, its more fitting as the next day you feel like your shit'n out the spiciest food ever =P


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Ewwww, Ewwww, Ewwww...

Praire Fires remind me of the one time I got loaded in London @ Ichabods about 5 years ago...

I had never tried tequila.. so I had no clue and my friend made me have a few after consuming a bunch of beers.

I didn't know this wasn't the normal way to do tequila... so after all I remember... lining up the bar with shots, not 2 or 3, I mean like 10 or so... I will never, ever drink tequila again to this day.

All I know ... I was drunk @ 6pm the next day, and the puking that came that night was not anything I'd ever like to relive.

pr0nstar Ewww!
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prarie chicken, thats one of the grossest things i have EVER heard of, i think i will have to try it tonight!


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We used to mouthwash with them - quickest swallow bought the round. I swear I got an ulcer drinking them at the time. I won't even touch them now. They're a great wake up call though.


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i've only ever had prairie fire shots in london, ontario. I celebrated my 19th bday at the Wave with my Saugeen floormates - 19 shots lined up for me, with every 6th one being a prairie fire. I don't remember leaving the bar, hell i don't even remember leaving the bar stool.

Another weird shot (again, in london) i've ever tried was a *rocky mountain bear fucker*. (?) Again - this I learned in London.

Subsonic Chronic

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Haven't had snake bites ever, but Prairie Fires are great.

They're great for birthday drinks when you know the birthday boy or girl can't turn them down.

Of course... I would never force someone to drink 19 of them (yikes Naomi! How did you not die??) but 1 or 2 is usually enough to get the point across.

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Suke, that's not what I remember Snakebite being....when I went over to Scotland in March of '98 on a rugby tour, I tried a Snakebite over there...and what it consisted of was 3/4 pint of Lager, 1/4 pint of cider, and an ounce of black currant juice(I think)....fuck, what a goddamn good drink that was!!!


Klubmasta Will

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Libradragon:
petey, i had 19 shots in total - not all of them were prairie fires (every 6th one was tho.) </font>

holy fark! that's like 50 shots for a regular sized person!!!

suke, bro, passing out is dangerous. ivan wanted to shave your eyebrows but andy and i talked him out of it.


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Klubmasta Will:

suke, bro, passing out is dangerous. ivan wanted to shave your eyebrows but andy and i talked him out of it.

you're such a lawyer, i mean, liar.

It was YOUR's and ANDY's idea to shave his eyebrows, Ivan was already passed out, and I told you it wouldn't be a good idea, what with work and everything.

Will, wait til your birthday. you're finished.
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Last time: October 19th, 1994. 18th birthday in Montreal. I was made to drink Prairie Fire after Prairie Fire. It was rank. For every time I took one down, I got a mark in pen on my arm.

Woke up the next morning. Thought I was going to die. But still was generally pleased that everything was in it's place and my room seemed surprisingly normal and there was no sign of pukage anywhere. Saw what looked like 28 marks on my right arm. Jumped off my bed (had a raised bed in residence) and landed on the carpet below. Felt something squishy underneath and then realised just where the pukage was. it was nasty. the tabasco makes you cough up your innards!

So, I have steered clear of Prairie Fires religiously since then.


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Both are disgusting and usually only suggested at someone's 19th birthday.


With so many tastey shots to choose frm out there, why do people want ones that taste like ass?




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i'm with jeffsus. why anyone would willingly subject themselves to prairie fires is beyond me.

same goes for boilermakers and dr. peppers.


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Everyone seems to always do prairie fire shots on their 19th birthday, and then never again. I was lucky, had a brutal cold on my 19th, couldn't taste a thing.
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Temper Tantrum

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I think it was Pete who made me do one of these....


never ever EVER again


Jeff and Matt are definetly correct here - Why must people insist on such foul tasting shots when their are perfectly good Orgasms, Blowjobs, B52's, Tequila Roses, Peach Delight and other such delicious concoctions out there?

If you want to get drunk, get drunk on something that tastes good. If it tastes bad going down, just imagine how it will feel coming up.



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Has any one on here had a
" Cement Mixer " ?
Some girl gave me one of these in Denver , and man it was disgusting !
Those that know me , are aware of my uncanny ability to consume mass amounts of any booze, but this was
brutal !
You take the shot and swish it around in your mouth then , "BAM" the shot turns solid ?


prarie fires are naaaaastey.

But as if thats not bad enuff.. they had t come up with yet another dirty dirty drink called Snakebite. D I R T

anyways.. I thinkthe worst thing I've ever had was a Gorilla Snot. HAHAHAHA!


1 shot of Irish Cream
1 shot of Port

You have to seperate the ingredients into two shots.

!!!!!Do not take these yourself!!!!

This should be given to that special person that you don't like. Have them take the irish cream first and tell them to hold in their mouth. Then they can do the port shot. Watch their face as the contents of their mouth solidify and curdle! It's PURE fucking jokes!
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