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Prank gone wrong


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email forward enjoy

A husband called up the local radio DJ, and asked him to play a prank on
his wife for fun.

The couple had just bought a new house and had a new baby. This is a
recording of the radio DJ pretending to be the husband's boss, calling
to apologize to the wife for firing the husband at this bad time. Be
sure to pay particularly special attention to the very end.!!!

Click Here To Hear the Call LOL
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Originally posted by OhNo!
that's old,it was all staged.

Yup...I was just gonna say.

Doesn't sound like a prank gone wrong, more like a skit by a shitty sketch comedy troop gone right.
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^^^ :p

quick re-cap

- radiostation calls mans wife pretending to be boss of husband
- boss informs wife that husband has been fired for getting caught fucking his secretary on his desk.
- wife freaks, then admits she doesn't feel guilty any longer for screwing his brother


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In North America you can't put a person on the radio without their permission.... not sure if it's the same in the UK or not.

Regardless, I hereby call BULLSHIT!


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i heard this was turned into a movie which they play on flights where black guys are upgraded to first class while old white ladies are dissed bigtime
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you can hear it in her voice, she's holding back the laughter when she starts freaking out,