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Praktik Swayze - Low Earth Orbitals (Deep Tech House / UK Garage)


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Hey everyone - got a mix I've been working like crazy on the last month or so, been on a bit of DJ mix creative tear lately on the back of some new acquisitions and a newly organized collection of wax that enabled me to more carefully select the right gems and diamonds to have on standby to marry together with new cuts!

For this mix, I wanted to take my time and plan every mix down to the bar - practicing relentlessly til I had it right. For most of my previous mixes I've been simply hitting "record" and when something in a jam session worked I'd cut it out and share! Now I'm all about more carefully and methodically planning not just track selection but phrasing within the tracks. I wanted to see what it would take to put the most quality i could into the mix and take my bloody time with it.

This is a deeper tour of house and tech-ey sounds with a broken beat UK garage inspired back half - trying for a slightly different, trippy and warmer flavour than my previous two mixes - i really hope you enjoy!

Soundcloud here is FLAC and downloadable - add me there if you haven't already!


I am excited to share a mix I worked very carefully on the last month or so that is finally ready! Combining a bunch of new wax with some cultivated gems from my archive and inspired by the space-ey and lush opener by west coast Canada’s Big Zen and a healthy dose of sci fi in recent days, I wanted to chart a mix progression that takes the listener through different layers of sonic atmospheres and into that border region at the edge of where the earth starts and the void begins.
The mix starts out with a deeper tour of tech and house sounds like So Inawaga’s delicate remix of Mouse on the Keys and fave Praktik Swayze go-to slices from Chris Carrier and Nima Gorji. Lost-but-found-wax in the form of an old Secondo record brings the intensity up a notch with a transition at the halfway mark into broken beats with some of the freshest UK garage sounds that have begun to really grab my interest from excellent labels like Broken Social Club, Dansu Discs and my rediscovery of Burnski under his always-amazing “Instinct” alias. Rarities like a reissue of a 2007 Dutch slice from Nukubus and PUSS records 2019 release help keep things spicy. The mix closes out with a denouement that brings us closer to earth with some of my favourite warm house and modern disco inspired cuts from DJ Central and Running Back records.
Please enjoy and share!
01 (0:00:00) Big Zen - Loveum [Dustworld 002]
02 (0:06:14) Johnny Davison - Natural Selection [Complatt 006]
03 (0:10:25) Mouse on the Keys - Star Down (So Inagawa Remix) [MOTKSO 001]
04 (0:15:10) System of Survival - Italia 1990 (Nima Gorji rmx) [Ianus71 001]
05 (0:19:17) Body Culture - Track 1 [Bodyculture 001]
06 (0:22:38) Lopazz - The Fact [Get Physical LP013]
07 (0:26:06) Masemenos - Plouf [Sister Phunk 12005]
08 (0:29:31) Victor & Lownza - Bit My Jazz (Chris Carrier Tool) [Cooltool 002]
09 (0:33:49) Freak D - Wreck Da Mic [Freak Beats 002]
10 (0:37:37) Secondo - Breathe to the Rythm [Dreck Records 011]
11 (0:41:08) Nukubus - Europa (Aux 88 Detroit Mix) [SD Records 006]
12 (0:43:20) RD - I Don't Dance (I make money moves) [PUSS 2019]
13 (0:47:31) Unknown Artist - Untitled [XOR 4091]
14 (0:51:11) Dream Cycle - Told You [Broken Social Club 022]
15 (0:55:56) Instinct - Phased [Instinct 006]
16 (0:59:47) Interplanetary Criminal - Sensational [Dansu Discs 014]
17 (1:02:58) Detroit's Filthiest - The Chase Scene [Casa Voyager TWR 01]
18 (1:05:12) DJ Central - Ma La [Help Recordings 015]
19 (1:10:15) Alan Dixon - Ambient Braindisk (Drums Mix) [Running Back 85.1]
20 (1:14:42) KiNK - 2 Love You feat Rachel Row (vocal mix) [Running Back 081]

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