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Praktik Swayze -EZ Bakin Beats [House and Techno]


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Hey Tribe - been a while since I tossed a mix up and this one I baked up a few days ago while the lady baked up some treats with her lady friends.

Had been going through and picking some older records I just never had in a recorded set - even though I played them plenty of times+places... now I've put them into an extended set which is a bit of tour of my own journey since I started collecting vinyl - a lot of newer stuff but also some of the early ones that hit my ears the right way from 3-10 years ago..

Happy to share this one with you guys over the holidays - and here is what I did with the power I didn't lose, hoping the beats warm those whose christmas was a little bit colder this year!

As always, all vinyl

Praktik Swayze -EZ Bakin Beats


https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1029694/Praktik Swayze - EZ Beat Bakin .mp3

(click to play or right click and save as)


01 Mollono.Bass - Deep in the Forest [Acker 022-3]
02 Taron-Trekka - Sunkissed Shak [Freude Am Tanzen 090]
03 Maceo Plex - Love Somebody Else (Bonus Tool) [ELL007 LTD]
04 Odd parents + Maceo Plex - Get Enough [Leftroom Ltd 027]
05 Subb-An + Tom Trago feat Seth Troxler - Time [Visionquest 025]
06 Tom Trago + Steffi - Two Together [Rush Hour LP 006]
07 Joel - Point de Fusion [Platzhirsch Ltd 015]
08 Lauhaus + Rik Woldring - Context (Boris Werner Remix) [Dance Club Records 009]
09 Todd Terje - Q [Olsen 004]
10 Criss Source - Hugs+Kisses [Mauritius 011]
11 Joris Voorn - Sweep the Floor [Rejected 007]
12 Channel X - Rodeo [Upon You 040]
13 Todd Terje - Spiral [Olsen 004]
14 Caribou - Sun [City Slang]
15 John Keys - Rumba Triste [Crosstown Rebels 039]
16 Huner + Ellesmere - Returning [Thirty One Twenty 001]
17 Frank Martiniq - Sugar Popp [Boxer 043]
18 Kolombo - Acai [Boxer 066]
19 Tom Haupt fit Mila - Loosen (Molle Remix) [Acker 043]
20 Roberto Rodriguez - Tell Me (feat Kholi) [Serenades 006]
21 Pol_On - After the Party [Outils de Connaisseur 004]
22 Rodriguez Jr - Lila (Kollektiv Turmstrasse Remix) [Boxer 73]
23 T.u.S.m.M. with Andi Rueter - Fuer Immer (Sweno N Pascal Vert Mix) [Catwalk 009]
24 Oxia - Not Sure [Kompakt Speicher 50]
25 Arjuna Schike - Mamesuari [GEM 005]
26 David August - Stepping Through Myself [Dynamic 059]
27 Andre Kronert - Hetter Bis Wolkig [Ostwind 029]
28 Marc Romboy - Impact Disco (Williams Remix) [Systematic 26]
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