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Praktik Swayze - Evasive Maneuvers [Space Techno]


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Whipped this up on a tour through some decidedly german sections of my collection - and just had to start a set with a sample from a movie I'll give a gold star to whomever can name from hearing it. Had a few gems I wanted to stitch together too - especially towards the end.

The pic I used for the mix on soundcloud: is a bit of a hint on the movie quote in the 1st track of the mix..;)


01 Mike Monday - What day is it? (Tim Paris Remix) [BRIQUEROUGE]
02 Jamie McHugh - Confusion [KILLBRIQUE]
03 Marc Romboy - Karambolage (Martin Eyerer Remix) [SYSTEMATIC]
04 Marc Miroir + Tom Klein - The Game [CONFUSED]
05 Criss Source - Neo Tokio [MAURITIUS]
06 Younger Than Me feat Lara Capriotti - Honey (Massimiliano Pagliara Remix) [BORDELLO A PARIGI]
07 Mikael Stravostrand - Untitled [WE ARE]
08 Gui.Tar - Love Started to Shine [CARELESS]
09 Max Berlin - Elle & Moi (Joakim remix) [GETPHYSICAL]
10 Stephan Bodzin - Papillon [HERZBLUT]
11 Johnny Future - Untitled (grey side) [PERFECT WORLD]
12 Silvio Marquardt - Erikas [FUTURE LOOP]
13 König Nugget - Crying Stars [ZWEITAKER]
14 T.u.S.m.M with Andi Rueter - Fuer Immer (Sweno N & Pascal Vert remix) [CATWASH]
15 Clemens Neufeld - Polaris [GIANT WHEEL]


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actually realized 08 and 09 are actually switched, its correct on Soundcloud but too late to edit this..;)