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Powerbook 15" for sale.


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Thinkin bout selling my powerbook...its a few months old but i've BARELY touched it...which is why i'm thinkin of selling it.

Its the 15" powerbook, the newest revision; specs are right here:


I've also upgraded the ram to 1.5GB (up from 512mb) and also i'll throw in a powerbook 'sleeve' to hold it (valued at around 60 bucks after tax)..

original packaging and manuals/accessories included.

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Originally posted by Temper Tantrum
I'd again like to state that the powerbook is the best laptop i've ever owned.
ill second that

Hey TSE,

How did you get 1.5 Gigs of ram in there?
In my manual it states you can only stick a 1 gig in it.
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i will trade you this

- Copy of King's Quest 7 on CD rom.
- Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants Bracelet
- Nightmare Before Christmas leather armband
- Batman Beyond single ear bud radio
- Astrojax that light up
- Skateboard Photo Annual (2005 & 2006)
- Random street signs
- Wolverine MegaBlocks action figure
- tons of CDs (list to follow)
- Hallmark card club card w/ 2 stamps
- Portible UV light
- Big Boy Piggy Bank
- Mr Potato head like Spongebob toy
- Copy of Final Fantasy 3 for SNES
- Airhorn
- DVD screener copies of American Spendor, Bill Maher: Victory Begins at Home

for that laptop


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Originally posted by --[Zirca]--
Your link timed out .... is this the new series with the intel chip?

Consider he said "powerbook" I dont think so. The new intel ones are called "MacBooks" and I dont think anyone has one yet.
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