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Power Outage ?


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I work at bloor and church and the power went out in the whole building for about 15 mins - nohting everything shut down... they are saying it was because of an outage from Ontario Hydro....

Elevators still not working, just climbed up 8 flights after biking from doctors.. i may have strep throat... i wanna go home :(
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All's well at Bay/Bloor.

....i'd think i'd freak out if the power went off at this stage in the England/T&T match. :S


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I've been having power issues on and off for 24 hours now. You'd think I'd learn to save stuff that I am working on more frequently..

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Mz Peacock, do you work in the same building above Second Cup? 'cause I was just there and there was an announcement that the elevators are now working. Kinda weird?

but....i'm also at Church/ Bloor and no power outage in my building. :confused:


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.. is it time for blackout panick? extreme panick... leading you crack the heads of your fellow viewers open and feast on the tasty go inside.. this reporter says yes

this is kent brockman signing off
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