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Pot - check, Hookers - check, white socks denied!!!

Ditto Much

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Dutch deny 'war on white socks'

Dutch Finance Ministry officials have denied world media reports that they have declared war on white socks.
The reports suggested that white socks were banned after being labelled as "transgressing the limits of decent dress behaviour".

A spokeswoman told BBC News Online the comments were the personal opinion of a senior official, expressed in an interview in a staff magazine.

But she revealed that the comments were not controversial at the ministry - in fact, many people shared the view.

"Our opinion is that everyone has to dress according to occasion, and the employees at the Dutch Finance Ministry have a good dress sense", she said.

White socks, particularly under suits, would be seen as a style crime in many parts of the world.

One British computer expert who used to work alongside Dutch academics revealed many of them were firmly attached to their white socks - some even flaunting them beneath half-mast trousers.

"Imagine, suit trousers or snow-washed jeans, with white socks and dress shoes - a dress code disaster of monumental proportions," he said.

"Even I know that and I am not exactly a fashion statement myself."

The Dutch - famous defenders of liberalism - remain taken aback by the accusations that they, of all people, would ban white socks.

The story was first carried in a Dutch national newspaper, then picked up quickly by the international press.

"We are surprised by the international frenzy the story generated," the spokeswoman said.
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dress code disaster of monumental proportions

haha. funny cuz it's true. but ~really~ come on ;)

they're just white socks people.

and no. I don't wear white socks with black pants.


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that story is just a distraction while the dutch deal with the real and epidemic problem of socks in sandals
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Originally posted by Soundstream
I like wearing no socks at all. Well when I am at home anyways.

Cheers ... Ian :)

Except when you're sleeping.


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After having traveled all over the world, and after living in Amsterdam for four months, I can safely say that the Netherlands may be the least fashionable nation in the world, if not the universe. For starters, the dutch are too freakishly tall to have any of their clothes fit properly. If even one person started selling pants that weren't floods on their 7 foot frames, he would be a billionaire- that is, assuming the dutch would actaully spend money on the clothes (debateable). Uhhh...boo-urns to the Dutch is all I can say.


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*chiming in* yeah I did a lot of gawking in A'dam but most of it was at the sheer amount of fashion crimes that may as well be called, collectively, a 'fashion holocaust'. Yow!
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i've met a fair number of people in holland and not one smokes pot or tried hookers. i get the impression it's 'looked down' upon the same as most places. frat boy tourist trap. i love it though.


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i hate white socks and boycotted them long ago. even my sport socks are black. i wouln't ban 'em though, poor taste is freedom of choice.

nothing worse than someone with nice pants, nice shoes, and white socks.

socks and sandals are a never do for me too.