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Posting Etiquette on TRIBE

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Posting Etiquette on TRIBE

Welcome to TRIBE MAGAZINE online. One of the reasons why TRIBE has been online since 1993 is because we have some basic rules that keep TRIBE running smoothly.

Porn images or text and Not Safe For Work (NSFW) content is not allowed on TRIBE. Posting porn or nudity on TRIBE is not allowed. Adult content is not allowed because it:

1) Stops TRIBE from being indexed properly by search engines so fewer people will read the other posts you make that have actual value to the community
2) Causes workplace admins to block TRIBE so users can't get here to view or post on TRIBE from their workplaces.
3) It is against the terms of service of this site you agreed to, when you signed up.

Members, if you come across any posts or images on TRIBE that are NSFW, send me the exact URL of the post in an email (editor@tribe.ca) or PM and I will remove them.

No tolerance for SPAM

While we welcome new members into the community we do not take kindly to people who join in order to SPAM. Those who attempt to collect email addresses of other members, or promote their own commercial interests on TRIBE for free without giving anything back are banned quickly. As well, if you register to post on TRIBE, as a new member, your account will have a probationary status with somewhat limited functionality until we get to know you better.

Who pays for TRIBE?

Since the digital advertising economy collapsed, we support the site in a variety of ways. Donations and local online advertising from our own sources. We only run our own ads or charity ads nowadays and do not run network advertising against our pages because it's toxic.

The Rules in a nutshell:

Please read the following rules carefully. If you have any questions about our board policy, email me editor@tribe.ca and I will do my best to answer them.

1. Do not post adult NSFW content on TRIBE ever. People hit this site from work locations.

2. Do not run contests, prize or ticket giveaways in any area on the site.

3. Posts to promote products, stores or or other commercial interests are not allowed anywhere on our sites.

4. Posts whose purpose appears to be to collect email addresses or email responses is not allowed will be deleted.

5. The buy and sell forum is a place for individual board members to buy and sell, it is not a place for retail stores, online stores, or other commercial interests to use to generate sales. You can however post something that you are selling on ebay in the forum to drive more traffic to your ebay auction. Or post a sale event you are not affiliated with in any way.

6. URLS as your username are not allowed, neither are URLs in a thread title.

7. A member whose posts' main purpose appears to redirect site traffic outside the TRIBE board with an URL or link to a commercial or retail site can be banned, their posts deleted, and/or or have the URL in their posts blocked site-wide.

8. Do not have another member SPAM for you on our site (proxy post), or share your login information with anyone. Likewise, never post commercial interests on the TRIBE board for someone else, a member or non member, because you can be banned for SPAMMING.

9. Do not use the TRIBE Private Messaging System (PM or conversations) to SPAM. If we get a complaint from a user that they have been SPAMMED by you with our PM system you will be banned.

10. IMPORTANT! If your post has been deleted do not repost it. It has been deleted for a reason. If it keeps reappearing after it has been deleted you will be banned for sure. If you have read this far and are still wondering why your post was deleted please email the admin editor@tribe.ca and I will do my best to provide an answer for you.

11. Trolls: If you are deemed to be here just to cause trouble for TRIBE members, the mods or the admin you will be banned without further notice to you.

12. This is something that applies to all large online communities and blogs on the internet: being belligerent with the mod, admin, or trying to pick fights with the mod or admin will get you banned very quickly.

Thanks for being a part of TRIBE,
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