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porking with leather (how to iron)


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orking with leather (how to iron)

so im going to be making several leather breacelets, cuffs, etc. since i have come into an abundance of free leather to use.
the only thing is its kinda wrinkled (does leather get wrinkled? i dunno)
so i need to iron it...but can leather be ironed??
how could i straighten it out? can anyone offer any help or advice?

girls?? mofo? fashion whores?



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bah stupid internet exlorer cuts of my firts letters all the time

its suppossed to say working with leather...

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Porking with leather

This is the funniest thread title I've ever seen...and it keeps changing!!

from "orking with leather" to "porking with leather," the comedy never ends...I'm dying up in this beee-yatch!!!

the next one should be "borking with leather"

borking=boinking...that's too much for me to handle


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i hate you all... except for el presidente

we love him so much we think he should change his name as in the bitches thread :)



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cause i know you all care oh so much *grumble*grumble*

well now i found some info (finally)

Ironing: Yes, leather can be ironed, INSIDE OUT at low to medium temperature, without steam! (Do not iron leather on the sheen side. DO iron on the suede side.) Do not press too hard with the iron as you could distort the structure and shape of the article. Higher temperature does not improve the effect of ironing and could possibly burn the article. If creases seem hard to remove, let the article cool then apply leather conditioner and try again. Hang pants/trousers full length to prevent creases

If the garment gets wet, let it air dry away from any heat sources.


i got impatient, tried ironing it (suede side luckily) but saw not much was going on

then i got angry and soaked it in warm-hot water. it got the creases out after a few good stretches and flatning

now i am drying it between an old tshirt and under the weight of some photoalbums, a couple text books, and a sculpture.

*crosses fingers*

lets hope for the best

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