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Porches and Patios - Jazzy Beats [mid-tempo funk]


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1. The First Floor Brothers – Chi –Town Strut (All Good Funk Alliance) – Citrona Recordings
2. Wrong Alley Street – (part 1) Fort Knox remix – ESL
3. Malente - I Sell Marijuana – Unique
4. All Good Funk Alliance – Watch Out (Malente’s Old School Breaks mix) – Funk Weapons
5. Max Sledgley – Devil Inside – Sunday Best
6. Kraak & Smaak – One Of These Days – Jalapeno Records
7. Thunderball – Domino (Americruiser Mix) - ESL
8. Jalapeno – White?
9. Dynamo Productions – Message From The King (Smoove’s mix) – Unique Records
10. Dynamo Productions – Breaking a Channel – Unique Records
11. Unknown – an old school loop – 95’
12. Osmosis – Junglefreak – fingerlickin’ Records
13. The Fort Knox Five – Blowing Up The Barrio – Fort Knox Recordings
14. The Incredibly Funky Breakers – So Sonic – Lab-Rok
15. The Soul of Man – Between The Eyes – Fingerlickin Records
16. Skeewiff – Now I’m Living For Me (Fort Knox Five remix) – Jalapeno Records
17. Unknown – another old school loop – 95’


^clearly I'm not savy enough to figure out how to get it to say 'right click, save as' :eek:
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[- FuNKtiOn -] said:
finally got around to givin' it a listen and has made for some good low-slung Friday afternoon head bobbin' beats!

Kraak & Smaak - C'mon People (Jalapeno)

I'll write that down..


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Hands down best mix I have heard in a while. Great job Taro

If this doesnt get you up and dancing I have no idea what will.


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Very nice tracklisting. Look'n forward to listening to it.

Your CD title is very similar to what I was going to call my new one....back to the drawing board I go!!! :p

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melody said:
Nice mix! wicked tunage. When can I catch you playing these out?

sometime shortly I think

I played a 'rave' set at the canada day rave....
(like playing those)

and going to drop some old motherfuckn' school for the next MIF....