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Popular Songs featuring Trombones.


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well, i played a great one at band camp in grade 8 called Lassus Trombone. but i'm not sure you could call it "popular".

there's the intro to "Spiderwebs" by No Doubt that has that great tbone intro. but it doesn't exactly feature trombones.

why are you asking?
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The Herbilizer

what, not popular enough?

screw you. Ever seen them Live?

Their horn section destroys...

Every time I've seen them... damn, those horns...

Oh, Afrobeat stuff like Fela, same deal.


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This thread is weaksauce.

I could tapdance a better beat than all these bands combined playing in a mashup of Voltron proportions.


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you know, when somebody strikes out.

waaa, waaaaaah, waaaaahhhhhh

in the Simpsons, the Isotopes/Hunger strike episode. guy in the closet.

very popular
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don't forget the funk.
anything in the JB style had the horns front and centre.
kool & the gang loved the horns when they were still all that,
and the parliament|funkadelic crew ripped it up on the breaks.

at my friend's school, they taught the school band 'pigbag' to rock out to, rather than some lame ass band-fag crappage.


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Montego Bay - Amazulu - wikipedia says they're ska/new wave so I dunno - it's 80's though.

When the Going Gets Tough - Billy Ocean
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