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It's Tuesday again. I picked out some dope old minimal and bleepy stuff to play on today's show. so either check out www.livesets.com or click below to stream from here.

streaming link, show starts at 2pm EST

think klang/early background/accelerate/poker flat etc and you'll be on the right track. Although near the end I'll probably work up to some new stuff I haven't had a chance to play yet.


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lol....I'll work in some harder stuff near the end but not anything that hard.

I threw Thomas Krome's Woodcarver remix in the bag so that's about as hard as it'll end up...if I even make it that far


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pat's gone all binary.
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Originally posted by dsp909


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its nice...
does this happen every tuesday @ 2?
because i'm ALWAYS looking for new music @ work
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yes every tuesday..although some aren't as great because of my physical disability at the moment.

today went smooth though


Peter F. Spiess "Poor Worm" Klang
Peter F. Spiess "Poor Worm" Klang
Peter F. Spiess "Symbolic Shift" Klang
Peter F. Spiess "Symbolic Shift" Klang
Submania "Macro WSS" Background
Jeff Samuel "Varb" Deep night Essentials
Submania "Sync World" A Speak
Andy Vaz "SV 3-3 B1" Sound Variation 003
Dimbiman "Do The Dimbi" Perlon
Steve Stoll "On The Wave" Head In The Clouds
Dj Hyperactive "Slide" Contact
Todd Sines "Spark" Background 001
Dave Bot "Bang A Gong" Creation Rebel
Jeff Samuel "Get It" Poker Flat
Herbert "Back" Phonograph
False "Flack" Plus 8
Daniel Bell "Super Minimal" Logistic
Naughty and Tolis "Minimal Groove" Ferox
Daniel Bell "Phreak Yo Body" Logistic
Mike Ink "Orange B1" Studio One
Mystic Garden "Acid And Jam" Head In The Clouds
Timeblind "Unknown" Communique 22
Daz Saund & Ben Tisdall "Juggernaut" Missile
Cari Lekebusch "Untitled" Hybrid
Alter Ego "Betty Ford (Rush Mix)" Klang
Submission "Women Beat Thier Men" Velocity
Biotrans "Terra Firma" Stickmen
Beat Marx "Untitled" Subvoice
Dj Sneak "Sneak Attack" Relief
Secret Ingredients "New York, New York" Global Communication