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POP QUIZ - Roomate Dilemma of Morality


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I say start out with a barrage of drugs and alcohol...keeping the camera in hadn let your boy deal with the situation while you consume your Oatmeal Crunch in the background. Then when the locksmith leaves rape your roomie with camera in hand!


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Tina the answer is more than obvious...
1. make sure said roommate drinks some Corona, while commiserating with him, so that his defenses are down.
2. make sure camera is readily available for the "kodak" (or should it be canon) moment that occurs after locksmith walks in - as you have left the front door slightly ajar so that when he arrives you just yell come in
3. post digital pic asap (or keep for blackmail purposes) - or put them up for auction on ebay...forget about survivor torches


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Decepta-Kyle:
It only seemed natural. I mean, if there's no risk involved, the fun becomes less.
Unless, of course, you happen to have leiderhosen lying around then the fun never stops! Leiderhosen for life!!!! Bwahaha.

Agent Octoberfest
This is true. However, this is not an option, as he would no longer be in a state where i can laugh at him, as i would be in his very condition, though by choice, not stupidity.

Fuckin mothafucka ju dun even KNOW muthafuckin leiderhosen! Shieeet.

The roomate is currently quite distressed and agitated at my threats of leaving him to answer the door semi nude. He's threatened to call the police, and is now bringing up all the favours he's ever done for me, and is swearing to cut me off from any in the future.

Grahame: Shut up.



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Ugh I'm such a loser!!

The locksmith came, was knocking at our door, and i had no time to prepare, as fucking Squishy Eye let him in so he didn't have to buzz up. FOILED BY MY EVIL ARCHNEMESSIS AGAIN!!

So upon hearing the pathetic cry "Tin, please?" followed by some bizarre karmic realization, I went and opened the door as he hid behind a wall.


=tina= &lt;--no spine
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by KiX:
Every day IS a new adventure! At least this one doesn't involve park rangers or playing molson indy pit cru.

and what is wrong with those things???!?!?!!

good work on being the nice one cheeseburger

ps I'm watching the kids, and i made them watch the toy who saved christmas twice, even though they cried