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Pop KULT with In Flagranti at the Gladstone


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This party set the bar pretty high for the week-end:
Got there while Mikey Apples was spinning; the second half of his set was just deadly, so many great beats and tracks, so sassy.
The crowd was utter eye candy: tall pretty fashion girls with taste, boys in that private school shoolboy with a twist, mad dancers, the works.

They had "get photograped" area set up which was actually much less invasive than the roving photographer. And a couple on the stage, one who actually asked if she could take my picture (I declined).

Then In Flagranti, and, for the most part, an absolute killer set, people dancing/prancing around the back of him (and in front) like mad. Powerful beats with underlying insane warm bits (like that african one), mostly a driven set that was too too good, particularly after last call (quelle surprise).

And there is more going on tonight, but I was good and came home because tomorrow is Sunnyside :)

This is a cool monthly I will definitely check out again (and so good to be at the Gladstone!).
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Happy to hear it was fun! I've missed In Flagranti twice now and next time I will get my ass in gear and get out to see 'em!


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ahh i love in flagranti! how do i find out about these events?

also erika how haven't we met? we basically have the same taste in music ..


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gl*tch you should; I've been to both gigs and both were great :)

zoo, first answer, look for pop kult on fb; they are the ones throwing that party (I think a monthly) at the Gladstone.

And maybe we have met; if you see a woman much older than most people at a party, often wearing a black trilby (short brimmed hat), dancing with a goofy grin on her face, that's me :p