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Political Douche of the Day

he wants to ban travel to countries that are ' ground zero ' for terrorism.
he also wants to make it a criminal offence.

He just last year sold 15 Billion worth of armored vehicles to Saudi Arabia.

I find it amusing that he keeps talking a tough game and keeps trying to pass legislation that won't stand up in court.

What kind of PM doesn't have the remotest grasp of how the legal system works? Guess a guy that started out as a mailroom clerk and then inexplicably made the leap to career politician. Gotta love the Reform party's recruiter's instincts.

Boss Hog

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This whole terror thing is way overblown and he's going to milk that because it's all he has to run on.

What's amazing is that terrorism is far less of a threat to any Canadian than climate change and the economy. I hope the opposition parties nail him on that fact. It wouldn't be hard to show he's out of touch on the very issues he's championed himself on.


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You get the jets you wanna use em

And for Harper I don't have to think about horse trading with the Americans, at least with Chretien you got the feeling he was holding his nose and doing the least possible, wisely trading off involvement in Iraq for involvement in Afghanistan.

Harper is a True Believer. If he was PM in 2003 I don't doubt we would have had Canadians in Baghdad.

Justifies his paying a bribe to Mike Duffy and covering it up as "doing a good deed" and tries to play the good Christian card in the process. Then admits in the same day that, yeah, maybe it wasn't such a good idea in hindsight, but it seemed like it at the time!

Oh yeah, and still loyal to his ex-boss to the point of being ready to bust out the kneepads at the slightest wink.
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Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Alexander.

i'm sure you've seen the picture / video of the deceased boy on the beach, fleeing Syria.

the family's sister immigrated to Canada several years ago and had been trying since at least March to help Aylan and his family get refugee status in Canada by sponsoring them.
they were denied. zero reasons given.

since then, today Jason Alexander, Canadian Immigration Minister, announced he is interrupting his re-election campaign in order to address the refugee crisis. their response...

offering the father of the drowned boy and his drowned brother Citizenship into Canada.

The father declined.

i nominate Jason Alexander, who i hope will resign in the coming days, further sealing the fate of the Conservatives running Canada.

Bernnie Federko

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As It Happens has for years been all over Alexander about the Conservatives/his inaction in bringing in Syrians/Immigrant's

That image of the kid's body fuuuuuuucks me up. Full trigger warning to anyone who has yet to see it.


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It's difficult to comment on the refusal of immigration as there is no information on it.

however that dead kid isn't the fault of public policy but rather the choice a father made to take his family on a dangerous journey.

shame on all of you for putting this on the government, and actually on us for electing them.


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While I agree there's people pushing cause and effect too strongly two things are true:

- this specific family attempted to make it through our actual Canadian bureaucracy and failed, making this more than just a hypothetical/nebulous thing

- Alexander did look suuuuuuper douchey didn't he? I mean totally deserves to be in this thread. Can imagine so many better ways to manage his image through this
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however that dead kid isn't the fault of public policy but rather the choice a father made to take his family on a dangerous journey.
Easy to say from the comforts of your Western life, never having had to run from sky robots/jets/artillery or militias (on both sides) looking for "traitors" to "make examples of".

I dunno why I missed this, but it was a partifcularly douchey thing to say and displays a complete lack of attempt to understand what might make someone make a choice like that for their family.

Clearly its the same choice millions of others are making, right? Maybe the same choice YOU would make if confronted with the same situation.

Maybe wickedken should be our "political douche of the day" for typing that sentence.

But you can always walk it back - no one bats 1000 on a message board