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Police tasing 80 year old grannies. Are babies next?


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Everyone seems to be fair game. At least they didn't shoot her 9 times I guess. I bet when they roll out all the tasers to the Toronto Police and make them an additional standard issue sidearm we are going to see more of this happening...
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This further proves my personal opinion of Peel region police.

Who tasers an 80 year old woman? I don't care if she's got a Bazoka (I know she had a knife) you restrain her manually.
This lady broke her hip in the fall after being tasered.

Again I hope they sue these jokers into oblivion

and Because Alex is starting to show signs himself of dementia:D here's the article
Don't Tase me Sonny | Toronto Star
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But but she could have double stabbed 2 officers nearly to death in the neck!!!!omgwtf



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So I've noticed the media trying to help the police save face lately by airing stories of police doing good things (well who can blame their paid off little asses, they sure need the help) . Simple things like helping people or in this case a deer. Things that are well what their job description actually is.

Yahoo! News Canada - Latest News & Headlines

Anyway lets not forget what the Toronto Police did when a deer was running loose. That's right, they shot that bitch dead. lol.

But hey maybe they thought it was gonna beat a dog down?


Or maybe they thought it's antlers would do a double poke on officers necks?



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KW police management was told (asked?) to reduce it's budget by $1.8M, last year. Apparently that equals 8 constables. So, through attrition, 8 constables are less in Kitchener Waterloo.

Sad to remark, but, more than education, more than every kind of health care, "policing" is the largest civil budget expense in KW.

This year, the chief of local police is asking for more money, arguing that he met the budget cuts last year.

Refreshingly, the community is pushing back, saying police unions have too much power and are well beyond overpaid.

One time, I was arrested on my front lawn by a fellow who said "Jeff, it's me, xxx!". And following that I learned a few things from facebook about other people I knew from highschool. And I garnered a profile of the type of people who become cops.

All I can say is that they are generally unaccountable to anyone and they are ineffective and overpaid, at least in KW.