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Police hold students at gun point

Subsonic Chronic

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yeah this has been making the news rounds in the states.

Coincidentally, most of the students who were manhandled in the raid were black. And of course the cops didn't find any drugs on any of the students that they searched.

Apparently the raid was done at the request of the principal. I guess he thought it would be a good idea to sick a bunch of swat team cops on unsuspecting students one morning because he thought they were dealing drugs.

Needless to say, many parents are right pissed (lawsuit pissed) and I think even the ACLU is involved...
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And I've been getting pissed at our local Canadian schools because of two things.

Standardized Testing, it seems this is all school is about these days.
Fund Raising, it seems if your not prepareing for a standardized test then you are raising money for something.


I'm gonna go outside now, naked, wearing the Canadian flag as a cape and kiss the ground.


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that's messed up... imagine if one of those guns had gone off... the intelligence of a some people is mind boggling..

god bless canada!
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