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hey kids!
The polaroid sitch is looking up...I was in ToysRUs for totally unrelated purposes last week (love that store) and Joycams are only $25+tax and film is $12 for 10 photos. Not bad! That means, if we sell them for $5 each, we'll make from $3 to $4 on each photo...don't forget, though, that there'll be some freebies to convince pple to buy them, plus some cheaper ones for those who can't afford it, etc. I think I'm going to buy a Joycam for personal use, anyway, so there's one already. Whoever wants to take it with them is welcome to it, as long as you bring it back free of sand in the lens...heh heh

I'm good for around $100, who else can pitch? Bring cash to the meeting on Tues or the community forum on Weds, and I can pick the stuff up, or, since I'm not going to WEMF
maybe someone who's going should get it.

Also, we should come up with some buttons or something to distinguish us as P3 people, that should help with our, um, marketing, or something.

Anyway, I just got back from Montreal and am falling asleep as we speak, so more later.