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* POLARIS NEWSLETTER #5-- Aug Transmission* (add an X)


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start transmission:::>>:::....

Well summer is almost over. And it's been a busy one...
But by all accounts it looks like things are just getting busier...this newsletter is jammed with news on the CORE night, the upcoming release, some tour ramblings, upcoming DJ dates and anything else classed as Polaris related material. Happy reading...
The reason for the lack of news lately is due to Caspian and Monique spending half of August in Europe. So the tour was more like a tourette; Two crazy dates on the Mediterranean. The first: Final Flash 4.2 in Slovenia was off the hook! 2,000 crazy clubbers shakin' their crazy styles to an all night long techno onslaught. And the second gig for Noise Alliance at Tattingers (mega club), Malta, was another classic underground techno jam along with fellow Knights Of Malta playas, Duo Blank - (more to follow on the KOM). But the overall vibe of people in Europe actually getting down and boogying their asses off was so refreshing...

So by all accounts CORE 0.3 was a great success. Big thank u's have to go out to Adam and Jeff of FORMAT for hosting the night for their 009 release party. Music was provided by Stewart Douglas, giving 3 decks a try and laying down some very smooth techno, alongside Mr. Roundtable - David Cooper, who along with his usual dj skills jacked in the mic for some special words of wisdom. Leaving the 3 deck maester himself - Jeff Cochran to rip shit up. This was Jeff's only second time gracing the wheels of steel since his recent break from the spotlight. But expect to see lots more of one of TOs unsung heroes once known as Vortex. Honourable mentions go out to Jenn and Ian for their hard work.

Upcoming at CORE we have more local upstarts including:
CORE 0.4 Sept.12 - Tommy Smalls
CORE 0.5 Oct. 10 - Gerald (aka Matrix)
be sure to check www.techno.ca/core for the real details.

Caspian Rabone DJ Dates:
09.03.03: CIUT 89.5 Short B/cast of techno/electro stuff like (22:00h)
09.04.03: DIVERSIONS (Hart House,Toronto)
09.12.03: CORE w. MC Flasher, Tommy Smalls
09.26.03: SPEED (Kitchener) TBC

Polaris Records News
Finally the wheels are in motion for PRC-05. RMX SERIES PT.1 dubbed FORMATION vs POLARISATION. The meeting of long time local techno brothers on one piece of vinyl. We are now weeks away from hearing the finished product. Samples will be online soon www.polarisrecords.com
Caspian's second solo outing on PRC-06 is ready including a banging remix by Greg Gow of Restructured Recs. but you'll have to wait a bit for this one...

Noteworthy stuff:

saturday, aug 30..
adam x for nightmare with task (wabi)
659 queen st. w. (1/2 block w. of bathurst)
19+ / 9PM-4AM / $7 / 'limited capacity'

sunday, aug 31..
adam x w/ our good friend gerald/matrix
matrixx.. 425 adelaide st w. (1 block w. of spadina)
19+ / 10PM-? / $5 / *

upcoming: steve bug @ fukhouse/mono

And that's all folks...we'll be in touch soon. Enjoy the end of summer and all the crazy parties going off right now...
end transmission...<<...:::


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Good to see Polaris/you are shaking thigs up worldwide! Keep up the good work here and abroad!
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