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Poetry on a friday night.


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Must be approaching my Carlsberg years as its Friday night and I am sharing verse. Thought I would drop a short poem about warehouse days.

Enjoy, even if it is a little rough around the edges. :)

It was not the case of
Two for a tenner rainbows that
Illuminated darkened rooms.
It was the pissing down of empathetic rain that fell on sheltered minds.

That was earlier,
On the steady floors.
Eighty eight all the way to ninety four.

I dare say you had to be there,
Not catching the bus,
Planned itinerary &
Showing strength numerically.

You see love,
Sleeping through the chemical generation
Awakening to read your own sentence,
Telling your story first hand complete with well timed exclamations,
Deserves no repentance!
The Kids did all right.
Look at the number of plastic cases
Scorched eternally with Charlie’s fragrance.

Is it a red poppy or a yellow daffodil that represents remembrance?
I would hate to get those mixed up,
Could prove embarrassing
Next time I forget to salute the rapidly vanishing.

As I was saying..
For us,
The impatient majority called a few,
We stopped singing Salford hymns
And paying attention to acoustic curfews!

Fairplay we were out..
From sight and often mind.
Often thousands huddled rhythmically,
You know..
Nice and tight,
Ride in the night.

Do you remember your old neighbor?
From next door but one,
With a collection of vengeance
And pit bull appearance!
Well at times he would be there,
Lifting velvet ropes
And raising his hands as high as his hopes.
He cracked on to me to,
Guess he knew the territory because I could always jump the cue.

And do you remember that feeling,
Of butterflies inside?
Well they were all gone
But they did leave a thank you card before moving on.
Oh yeah and those hidden bricks,
The ones in the invisible wall,
Well they certainly fell,
First had witness maybe to what the world had been waiting for.

Like any traveler on his chosen decade,
A time to retire always did follow times that inspired.
And for this, them and those,
Limited five A.M’s and a runny nose
IL retire gracefully and stick to the companion and the clearness
Give or take the occasional drop of merlot.


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your poem...

i like it...it's very lyrical> and an edgy deepness....does that make sense? anyhooo, good poem ;)