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Pocket Dwellers with the Electrician


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Fucking awesome.
First- i had never been to the Mod Club Theatre before and i was pretty impressed when i first walked in. Wikkid sound, awesome chill areas, nice large dancefloor. Someone throw a proper party there please
Second- Wes (electrician) did a great job opening up for the band. He played some old funky ass 45's then when i thought it couldn't get funkier, he dropped some dirty ass shakers that put ants in everyone's pants.... good job dude
Pocket Dwellers played a solid show. These guys really know how to rock a crowd..
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damn biotch! you were there too? I was surprised to run into people I know.

Nice venue, very funky swingahs. The sound was decent as well. They had two speaker clusters suspended in the air (a-la concert style) so the sound was projected quite evenly, and wasn't overbearing.

Now this is hip-hop at its finest, blending elements of jazz, soul and funk The Pocket Dwelers have got some serious groove goin on. I bought their CD "Digitally Organic" and its just as good as the real thing.

We stayed till about 3am gettin down on the dance floor to The Electrician. Perfect way to end the night, my dancing shoes owned my soul!

"I look like dirt, cause I'm one with the earth..."

Peace. D


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Yes, it was awesome last night, way more fun than I expected. Good Idea Lynz! I would go see them any time. And I really enjoyed the venue, more like a concert hall than a club. I have never gotten so funked out in my life. I surprised myself. And the leads freestylin' was amazing to see. Lots ' o ' engergy!:)

The Electrician

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Ya you suck... its was amazing... I had one of the best Djing experiences ever.... So much fun and so packed! ...

The PD's blew the roof off... as usual...

You should all come see our band with 3 members of the PD's we are called Gorilla Millimetre... we are an Improv band...

if anyone see's or hears about our next show... check it... it will be worth it...

Later Y'all

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The Electrician

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Im apart of the sub band...

we have 3 members of the PD's (The Guitar player, the Tenor Sax player and the Drummer) we have a wicked bass player and im on the decks...

we are an improv band that plays Jazz, Drum and Bass, house, breaks, downtempo and funk...

you should come check it... I believe we are at the Labyrinth Lounge this coming wednesday for Martini night...