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Pocket Accessories


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this thread is all about pocket accessories; knives, lighters, pocket watches, cigarette cases, etc etc.

What do you guys carry with you at all times?

currently i've always got my Kershaw Clive pocket knife

and my Colibri Quantum Revolution butane lighter
(the one of the left)

post any sweet accessories that you find here.


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I usually keep my right pocket completely free of items. Use some scissors to cut a hole, and I can play a rousing game of pocket pool on the TTC to bide my time!
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money clip / card wallet: license, credit card, debit card, key card, 2 business cards

keychain: 4 keys, car fob and pocket knife, detachable fobs to take off whatever I don't need

fisher bullet pen

USB key via media card on Blackberry


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cool thread!

i carry a gerber knife

this is the one, only mine is sans sarration. It's sweet because i can open it one handed, as quick as any spring loaded knife could. Pseudo switchblade.

Nixon bigbill wallet... only mine is trifold.

my 4th colibri... this one is holding up nicely.

Second from the right.

Oh yeah.. almost forgot:

and a wad-o-bills.
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Left front pocket: chapstick (hah!), personal cell phone

Right front pocket: change, small bills, occasionally credit card/debit card.

Wear a Blackberry on my belt because I'm a dorky corporate Batman.

Wallet goes into the inside coat pocket.
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SneakyPete said:
What are you people carrying a knife for?

Knives have a bad stigma in our modern day and age. Surprisingly, they're alot more practical than most people give them credit for.

Beyond the immediately ovbious stab-factor, they come in handy quite often. I open my mail, packaged parcels/deliveries, peeling fruits and/vegetables, gift wrapping, prying or flexing into tight areas.... i could go on.

Spend six months with a knife on your hip, then put it aside. You'd be surprised how much you miss it once you're used to always having one handy.
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i found the knife thing a bit odd too, especially when you're walking around with james bond lighters and mobiles.

my right pocket has my phone, my left pocket sometimes has a lighter...

the back right pocket has cash. cards are in one of those umbra holders in my coat. i usually have an MEC side bag with me for all the other crap.


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^^^ didnt know so many of you were packing! i have one on my belt at work. im a blue collar type, and it goes back in my locker when my shift is over. i dont like to carry anything in my pockets usually. i dont even carry my house key. i use the garage keypad. if only my car was key-free!

The Kid

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bic lighter
black sharpie magnum
key chain (includes roach clip and SuckUK beer key so as to cover all bases)
cell phone (with USB memory card)

i guess soon i'll be able to add crackberry to that list

great thread!

i gotta start packing a gun and a knife though. maybe small calibre beratta semi and a USMC kabar?!



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In pockets at all times;

- money clip with TTC Metropass
- coins
- credit card wallet
- cell phone

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