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~*...plurtastik and skinny to fat and jaded...*~

that 420 guy

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we've all experienced it: our metabolism changes, and with that comes a signifcant change in weight.

pill poppin and dancing makes ravers skinny. :p

what is the largest difference in weight you've experienced since you turned 20 and now?
do not post how much you weigh, just the biggest difference in weight.

for me, the largest difference in weight since i turned 20, from the fattest to skinniest, is 16kg (36lbs).

weight conversion calculator here...imperial is so last century ;)

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why not

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over the past 10 years, my weight has remained within 2.26 kg (5 pounds).

doesn't seem to matter what i do to my body, it still looks the same.
my dad has maintained a pretty constant weight his whole life as well, except for some weightloss that occured due to illness (which he's since regained)

glych t.anomaly

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in the last 10 years iwent from 230 down to 170 [ 60 lbs ] that was 7- 8 years ago, then maybe 3 years ago i was at my lowest at 156lbs down from around 210 [ 54 lbs ] but it was not merely fat loss, but my body eating away at the muscle till i lost 1/4 of my body weight basically.

at least now i have built my muscle mass back up to where it should be:)



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i have an ex that used to explain to me that "ex-fats", (those being overweight until adulthood) were the worst bunch of messed up people in society.
too much self mental mutilation, and a belief that they would always be their fat former selves in their own eyes. in essense that it would twist and cloud
everything they said, thought and did.

crazy eh!

or is it?
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I've gained fifteen lbs over 5 years, I'm still under my ideal weight.

my funfur levels have remained pretty consistant.


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I used to be sooo skinny at my raveriest. Dancing the weekend away will do that to a person. Then I discovered beer and sleep. Such pleasures have added about 20 pounds. Meh.


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i was a tall skinny beanpole during the heydays

but have now have bulked up and gained 40-50 pounds, which i needed, since i was too skinny back in 1997


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When I was hardcore into the pills, I was doing tae kwon do simultaneously, so I was dropping weight like mad (at the dojo 3-4 days a week, and dancing/pills three days a week, usually with some overlap). Since stopping martial arts and slowing down a lot with the chems, I packed on a bunch of weight and am working on dropping back down to my ideal size, plus a little muscle hopefully!

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the heaviest i've been was last year before i left TO, i was a whopping seven pounds heavier than i am now and a whole lot weaker.


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I've gained around 10-15lbs of TnA (mostly A) since I stopped. I forgot to quit the beer and binge eating when I stopped the party :|


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I am now a good 20 lbs lighter back in my early party days, thanks to eating less than I do now and all those pills. But I looked like Nicole Ritchie so now I'm at a better place, but where I carry my weight has changed now that I'm older.


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Within the past year I have noticed my biggest weight change. When I started working out a year ago I was a slim 160-165p and now I am up to 178-181ish.


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dont weigh myself but its somewhere in the 25-30 lbs area. drinking more has been the main culprit and also not being used to eating less as aging occurs
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Prickly Pete

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1996 (start of University): 135lbs
2001 (graduated University): 195lbs
2003 (all weed and food years along with partying): 215lbs
Current: 178lbs

I have been up and down to say the least. Around 2003 I had finally realized that weed and the 7-11 store next door were not a good combination and got off my ass and to a gym.

And couldn't be happier I did.


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When I was 20 I was 50-55lbs heavier than I am now. Go team first year university.

Losing it didn't have anything to do with partying though.


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skinniest was 15lbs lighter than I am now. heaviest...25 lbs fatter. I'm 5'7" so that made me a fat ass. bonus!
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I have gained about 20 lbs since '99 but when I look back, I don't know if I always looked that healthy... so I am okay with it.


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I weigh 20lbs more than I did in early 2000. At that point I got on a scale for the first time in years and discovered that I weighed way less than I had in years, freaked out, and purposely tried to gain some weight. I guess I forgot to stop eating :p


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1st year university = +30lbs
2nd year university = +15lbs
3rd year university = +15lbs
4th year university = -60lbs
1st year of work = +17lbs

So in the past 5 years I've gained 77lbs, and lost 60lbs....:eek:
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