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Plumbing problems


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One of the lesser joys of owning a home downtown is that the plumbing starts to give you problems.

Now the electric works, I'm not an electrician, but I understand a thing or two about electricity, and when those problems arise I can fix them.

But anything involving water and pipes, well, I first of all don't have the tools to fix that. And secondly, given that I know I can't fix it without tools, or parts, I just have to deal with shit leaking. So far it seems like everything that can leaks, has started leaking.

Taps, valves, porcelain, you name it it's leaking now.

Oh and don't even ask me about the major sewage incident of 2011.

So apparently there is a gentleman who is going to come tomorrow and fix all this business pro bono. I don't believe a lick of salt of that story.

How does one actually hire a regular house fixing stuff plumber to stop my stupid leaks?

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