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Plinko - Jackin' House Mixed by Jared K

jared k

TRIBE Member
Mixed by Jared K

1. Q Jumper – Jazz Motel
2. Inland Knights – Back Chat
3. Kinky Movement – Two Minute Warning
4. Joshua – On Our Way (Dub)
5. Ladybug Mecca – Dogg Starr (Fred Everything’s Dog Thang Mix)
6. Giano – Never Enough (Cubase Dan Mix)
7. Larry Fives – Dance Me Dance You (Inland Knights Mix)
8. White Collar Criminals – A Brighter Life
9. Lil Mark – Life Is a Dream
10. Funky Transport & Jonee Q – Mixed Up (Style of Eye Mix)
11. Inland Knights – Ends Don’t Meet
12. Jamanta Crew – Don’t Even Think
13. The Sound Republic – Chop it Up
14. D-Tech – From the Soul (Chuck Daniels Mix)
15. Audio Hackers – Slippin’ (Troydon’s Attack the Wack Dub)


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jared k

TRIBE Member
230 views and 100 downloads...

Now, I realize nobody's saying anything, but you know there's a beat inside here. So if you haven't already downloaded this, treat yourself :cool: