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Please tell Vinder and Keith that FARGO is a good film!


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Curious in a *good* way?? Did you like it? I've heard a lot about this film, but have never actually viewed it.
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Well, Slacker was a film with a very distinct message and style. It's about slacker kids from Austin, Texas. Keeping in mind, this was BEFORE Dazed and Confused. Before he went Hollywood.

These slackers just live life floating around the city, all of them lost, unemployed and without ambition. But it's not their fault technically; they're actually products of living in a media-infested society.

The film is really... slow and awkward (like a Slacker kid) and you get the sense of the banality and the boredom these kids endure. But it also shows that they have MAJOR points to make; the content (politics, philosophy, art, music) is there but the delivery is in a "I don't care, whatever" attitude.

Good film. I have to watch the rest of it. SO MUCH media critiquing in this film.


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Hmmm ... interesting. I should give this one a try.

If you ever want to check out another weird (& I mean BIZARRO weird) film about kids in the U.S., check out The River's Edge. Crispin Glover is in it & he's just plain scary.

Anyhow, thanks for the info. on Slackers.

Very sleepy; must log off now as I have to wake up again in 5 short hours ...