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please, some recommendations

evil homer

TRIBE Member
i'll profess ignorance right off the bat to this sound which has just infected me-

given that, i recently downloaded a matthew herbert set thinking it would be his swingtime/downtempo/broken beat sound and instead found 70 minutes of rather minimal, marginally funky sounding music (which he apparently produced for many many years before i got turned on to his current guise). This set has really gotten under my skin - so if anyone here could point me towards similar artists or upcoming events i would return that with a healthy dose of gratitude.

Thanks a whole lot
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check out artists like:

Daniel Bell

and labels like:

7th City
Musik Krause


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go on soulseek and look for sets/lps by people like:

the timewriter
ricardo villalobos
matthew dear
ian guthrie
miss kittin

the "lighter side" of techno :0)
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evil homer

TRIBE Member
Thanks a whole lot so far

paxahau is overwhelming, i look forward to many months/years of exploring those archives.

I'm on slsk as evilhomer - got the matthew herbert set there from Tresor's

Please check out my inertia mixes too - they're drum and bass but/and they share many of the same musical sensibilities i.e. minimal, evolving, light-hearted with a twisted edge, off kilter rhythms, perhaps geared a bit more to the headphones than the floor. - always eager for feedback re. those two.