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Please Kill Me


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...is a punk rock show on CKLN (88.1 FM) from 2-7am wednesday nights.

all you neo- and pseudo-anarchists should check it out.....very comprehensive political news from around the globe delivered in a very comedic and fun manner!

oh and you can also call in and discuss things on the air with them, it's rather fun and informative.


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i knew i'd find more please-kill-me-ites on here.

i've been listening to that show for fucking YEARS man...i love it.

i miss 'your band sucks' though....

hey otis, i call in every week...guess who i be?


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Are you the guy who sings along with the 420 song every week?

I unfortunately don't hear the first 2 hours cuz i'm in the middle of my show on 89.5, so i just usually catch the 411, 420 and commentary and whatever recorded speech after that.
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