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Playstation Problems!

Old Stradlater

TRIBE Member
My Playstation 2 is malfunctioning. When I try to watch DVDs, the control does not work. It constantly goes back and forth on any DVD menu. I can't select anything. It does however, work for games perfectly fine.

I live in Chinatown. Where can I get this problem fixed? Or is it even possible?

What do I do?


TRIBE Member
My playstation 1 is pretty good, but sometimes I have problems with certain rips freezing, but i guess that's what happens with ripped games?

Old Stradlater

TRIBE Member
Oh this playstation is not mod chipped... so it cannot play burnt games and dvds.

I think this is more of a controller imput problem... even when the controllers are unplugged it still continues to skip through the dvd menus... I cant even select yes on the parental control so I cant even get to the menu of rated R games.

It was working fine yesterday morning but last night this BS started.

Big Boss

TRIBE Promoter
Watching dvds on your PS2 seems to kill the laser. Unless you absolutely have to watch a dvd on your PS2, it's better just to watch it on a standard dvd player.
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