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Plastikman video on the web.


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off the closer album...

yes.. it is dark
yes.. it is kid of messed up.

but IMO.. it is so cool!

arty.. but very cool in a kind of messed up sense...kind of german messed IMO.
ha ha ha

anyways, see what you think of it.

closer to the edit
now we are closer to richies eye and brain apparently.
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i hope he didnt pay for th video...if he did he got ripped off...I dont know, it was a bit too post-modern/ minimalist for the hell of being minimalist...good effort though, I guess.Damn I guess Im not enough of a neo goth to be a technosnob...Im chucking all my music as we speak.
thanks for the headsup though!
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thank you, thank you... no problem.


more videos.

the first one is one of richie hawtin...called psky...which is what I was searching for and then there is another one that has swayzak music along with luke slater...and it is pretty long. cool stuff regardless IMO.