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planet mu touching down in toronto


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those wee kidlets at splinter productions are taking things to the next level with:

"grass roots"

(aka "we'll take your money anyway")

friday april 26th, 2002
the schoolhouse - 457 richmond st. w (above aria)
19+ / 10pm - 3ish
$7 all night (shut yer fucking trap already)

featuring an international superstar guest!!!!

VENETIAN SNARES (planet mu, hymen)
signed to that fucker u-ziq's label (home to luke vibert aka plug/wagon christ), this boy is straight outta winnepeg. what are they feeding the kids out there? there comes a point when you're so far on your own tip that marginally witty writeups just can't do you justice. and that's venetian snares. known for insane beat programming, off the hook edits, and the creation of dark, ill or just plain quirky soundscapes. industrial wasteland mixed with everything that is cool in this dimension. when you're this big, they call you MISTER. check www.planet-mu.com for more details

KNIFEHANDCHOP (splinter, tigerbeat 6, irritant)
%$@##>&*## -> werd! the usual run of the mill schizophrenia from toronto's best kept secret agent producer extraordinaire. signed to kid 606's tigerbeat 6 imprint, when he tours, japanese girls throw their hello kitty panties at him...YOU WILL TOO!

FEAR (criminal beatz)
this guy has a hot girlfriend. i mean REALLY hot. but that's not why we have him on the bill. more importantly, he can throw down some ragga and scratch the hell out of it, like it's the apocalypse and he has to pull sick turntablism for salvation or something

c64 (splinter, dross:tik records)
quite frankly, i'm tired of biggin' this guy up. let's just put it this way: he's so committed to the freshest of the fresh breakcore and the newest of the new sounds that he doesn't even have enough money for new shoelaces. they be all tattered and worn and shit. so if you see him, pitch in $.25 so the boy can get new laces, seen?

vox (splinter, original sin)
sisters are doing it for THEMSELVES. this scrappy little shorty will be throwing down a mixed bag of soft and hard cuz she's chinese and a shining example of canada's cultural mosaic in action.

* additional support provided by: smerk (www.smerk.ravewave.com)
* for more information email: splinterproductions@hotmail.com


special shout out to all you idm prats: dance motherfuckers, dance!