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Plaid, Nobukazu Takemura and Mira Calix - March 25


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So.. who's going?

Anybody going from the London area? I can't really afford to take the bus both ways :)
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It's in Toronto, put on by Emerge, at Lee's Palace, tickets are $15 advance at Ticketmaster, Rotate This, Soundscapes and CD Replay


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Never heard of them. What do they play Amy? BTW, did you get blonde highlights? B/c I thought I saw you on Campus the other day but I wasn't sure. :eek:

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Destro Sanchez

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plaid makes some amazing music.

too hard to pigeonhole it cause it crosses so many genres...

*quality electronic music* <--best description

I have only heard a little bit of Mira Calix....

sounded very 'warp records' to me. (Plaid is also on warp)

hope that helps