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Placid's I Love Acid mix

Discussion in 'DJ Mixes' started by placid, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. placid

    placid TRIBE Member

    I love Acid

    I think the title says it all..

    Thought id post it up this evening, even though it wont be uploaded onto my server for another hour or so..but it will be finished by the time majority of you read this…

    anyway the mix is here http://www.acid-house.net/Placid_I_Love_Acid.mp3

    Will do a tracklist over the weekend, artists fully deserving their props.

    Done in one hit on 2x1210's 2hr @320 kbps approx 280mb
  2. placid

    placid TRIBE Member

    As promised..

    Here are the records, please support the artists and buy the music

    Fuzz Face - Far Out - Communique
    Dahlback & Dahlback - Sweden 1 Canada 0 - Turbo
    Nylon - Tschon Zämöl - Holzplatten
    Hienostunut Sonni - Sharped Dressed Acid Man - Alexi Delano LTD
    Luggen - Aciduse - Teknofon
    Random XS - Aftermath - Djax up Beats
    E.V.I.A.N. And the Atlantis Posse - Techno City - Tekno Kut
    Acid Warrior - Karzinom - Junkfood
    Jared Wilson - Ghettoblaster- 7777
    Essit Muzique - Essit Muzique - DAP
    Alex O Smith - Ultra Fine 01 - FXHE
    Sonic Tourism - Orange - Toolbox Tunes
    Minimum Syndicat - Forces - Minimum Syndicat
    Hugg and Pepp - Pellefant - Dahlback
    Tamburi Project - Tamburi Project - Stickman
    Maxx Renn - Acid Jack - Jamayka
    Random XS - Give your Body - Djax up Beats
    Fast Eddie - Welcome to the Pleasuredome - Underground Construction
    Luggen - Waste My TIme - Teknofon
    Kevin Starke - Acid Jak - Kstarke
    Rob Acid - Acid Wave - Molecular Funk Guerilla
    Disco Nihilist & Daetron Vargas - Construction Paper
    101 Force - Axid V2 - Breakin Records
    Jared Wilson - Drug Related Stories - 7777
    Control Voltage - Control Voltage

    Special thanks going out to everyone at Camp303 / Norbergfestival

    Placid Facebook - Login | Facebook

    I Love Acid - Login | Facebook
  3. jasonyoung

    jasonyoung New Member

    love it

    good mix
  4. ghaleon

    ghaleon TRIBE Member

    listened last night, wicked aciiiiieeed

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