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Placid goes Back to 89 again


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The ones I never got round to playing in my first installment. I may have to do another volume at some point tho.

Pedant point - There are a few things from 90 which I could have sworn I was listening to back in 89

The mix is here

Tracks used

E.S.P - It's you - Underground
Rhythim is Rhythim - Illusion - Transmat
Annette - Dream 17 - Deconstruction
Agape' Sounds - Your Love Never Fails - Red Heat Records - turns out this actually from 90...
Backroom Productions - The Definition Of A Track - New York Underground
Men Without Cause - To Life (Dub) - Easy Street
Bang - You're the One (Magic Juan mix) - BMG
Flightt - Lets get Jazzy - TMT
Phase 2 - Reachin - Movin Records
Bardeux - I love the Bass - Enigma
T.P.O. - Hiroshi's Dub Remix - Major Force
Kariya - Let me Love you for Tonight - Sleeping Bag
S.L.Y - I Need a Freak - Elite
Get Down Gang - Work it - Get Down
Corporation of One - The Real Life - Smokin
Roberta Flack - Uh Uh Ooh Ooh Look Out (Here It Comes) - Atlantic
Orange Lemon - Dreams Of Santa Anna - Idlers
Ce Ce Rogers - Someday - Atlantic
Kym Mazelle - I'm a Lover - Lower Level
Nexus 21 - (Still) life keeps moving - Blue Chip
Seduction - Seduction - Vendetta
Neal Howard - To be Or not to be - Forgotten Records
Arnold Jarvis - Take Some Time Out - Fourth Floor
Pierres Fantasy Club - Dream Girl - Hot mix 5
Ultra Naté - It's Over Now - WEA

2 x technics. a bit of jiggery and pokery used as one of the mixes was so god awful so it needed to be sorted :)

320kbps - 280 mb.

Ill do a lower bitrate one over the weekend.

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