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Places to meet girls besides clubs in Toronto


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T_Dot_House said:
Ummm.. wasn't this a thread about where to meet girls in Toronto?
Let's get back on topic..

Where the ladies at?!?
So, to recap:
gyms/dance/yoga classes
book readings (though the TINAR nights that Pages do are more fun)
art gallery openings
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Sherway Gardens on a Monday night is not a place for meeting chicks.

I didn't see ANY hot girls. In fact I was surprised at the amount of uglies all over the place. I also didn't find a winter jacket.

I think I'm going to start going to fundraisers. I've been invited to a few lately that have been advertised to a young professional crowd.

Also, the Food and Wine Expo is in a couple of weekends. There will be single girls there.


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Winners for winter coats.
go to a good one though, like the little-known Adelaide just west of Yonge location or St Lawrence.
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Ms. Fit

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art openings for sure. but not the lame DIY ones. (yeah i'm a snob).

fundraisers are key!!! toronto holds soooo many fundraisers a year geared towards the young/professional/hot set, starting in march and ending with the booby ball.



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i gotta come into this "guys place" more often. especially now that no one at work can see my screen. i promise not to talk about proust.
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gl*tch said:
the hours are shitty, the pay is crap, the job sucks, but the chicks rule doood!
I always wanted to do that job for a week maxiumum, then get fired for dropping psytrance for Candy's last song.

I really think I could be the Manzone of Zanzibar.


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Stan said:
Fire fighter.
It's true. One summer I worked for a swimming pool cleaning company that was run by firefighters as a sidejob. I got to wear some of the rain gear on rainy days. Girls used to approach us all the time when we had that shit on. Young ones old ones fat ones skinny ones. Complete poon magneto


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You don't even have to be an actual firefighter. Just wear the hat and run around making woo woo noises.
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