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Place to buy paintings or prints


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Can anyone recomend a store that sells paintings or prints? I've already checked out a bunch of homesense and winners stores and ikea and still can't find what I'm looking for. I'm not looking to pay more then 100-200 for a picture to hand on the wall above my tv. I've already tried google as well.

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would something like this suit your fancy?

or thi?

she is now set up for prints. originals are quite $$$

Dirty Girl

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why dont you wait til the summer, they always have that art show thingy at nathan phillips square dont they?


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Find your favorite digital art pic on the net. Use genuine fractals in photoshop to blow the pic up (or use rasterbator). Go to blacks, and ask them to print and mount it.

Will cost you same amount as buying sine bs from ikea, but at least you will have the picture that you really like.

IF you need a very large size, IE over 1m X 1m, google for pro digital imaging/print shops and ask them for a quote.

le bricoleur

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Fuck prints.

Go to the Movie Poster Warehouse at Leslie and Sheppard and for less than $100 you can get a really cool vintage movie poster. Obviously, you won't be able to afford anything too well known, but often with trashier b-movie posters (read: cooler posters) a decent investment was made in the poster art design. (Namely to lure people into watching a mediocre movie). They also have cool titles.

I bought this one for $50.

(They currently have it for sale for $130)
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