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Pizza? Anchovies?


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Bored on a Monday afternoon?

Here is a way to pass your time.

Try to order pizza with anchovies on it.

Little Caesars? Nope.
Dominoes? Nope.
Pizza Hut! Yeah you'd think Pizza Hut right? Nope.

A few local Pizza shops.

Davenport Pizza? Nope.
Guiermo's Pizza? Nope.
Pizza on Bridge? Nope.

I was just stunned. I, and a couple of other Tribers here, also worked at Pizza placed when we were just young strapping lads, and we definitely did have anchovies.

In fact my prefered way to test a pizza shop is to order anchovies, black olives, and onions, with crusts dusted in garlic, parmesan and sesame.

Realize that that order is now impossible to get in Canada, I guess, unless you do it yourself.

So I did ask Dominoes:

me> "So, if I bring my own anchovies, can you make the pizza?"
staff> "Just let me go ask about that."
me> pause music for about 2 minutes
staff> "No actually, we're not allowed to do that."
me> "Well you can charge me for an extra topping."
staff> "So, it was anchovies?"
me> "Yes, I can't find a pizza company that puts anchovies on the pizza."
staff> "Well can you wait again?"
me> "Yes."
me> waiting for only about one minute this time
staff> "Well sorry, but you can't bring your own food into the restaurant."
me> "It's not food, it's anchovies."
staff> "Sorry?"
me> "Ok well then I'd like to order a pizza with anchovies, black olives, and onions."
staff> "Sir I told you already, we don't have anchovies."
me> "You do realize that anchovies are a staple on pizza?"
staff> "Staple? I have no idea what you're talking about."
me> "Have you ever been to bulk barn?"
then there was a pause here
a different person came on the phone
staff> "Hello sir. We do not have anchovies."
me> "Well what kind of pizza place does not have anchovies?"

At this point she hung up on me.

PEPI's pizza finally both had anchovies and would deliver!

While typing this, I answered the door.

He said he is Arabic, but he has blue eyes, and could really not understand me.

Well "Pepis Pizza", you win.

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Ok Correction,

Pizza Hut does have anchovies however it is not a part of their all-you-can-eat menu.

They were very happy to deliver it to me, so, I ordered it. It's a cost of tghe research.



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This research is now interfering with my primary research.

I have not yet crunched the numbers. Nonetheless, it seems the larger franchises do not offer anchovies. There is a high correlation between no anchovies and no black olives.

Independent pizza chains do offer anchovies and also do offer black olives.

My sample set is too small to make any conclusions. I will continue both forms of research.

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Pizza Nova does anchovies! I love anchovies on pizza.

However, pizza connoisseurs will tell us that cheese never belongs on an anchovy pizza.
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Aaron Bradley

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Worked at a Calabrese pizzeria while in school in my early days that had stone top ovens all throughout! When we ate anchovies, we also only put on oil and a bit of cheese. That is the way to eat that type of pizza.

Not related to anchovies, but another interesting pizza that used to get ordered by a regular transport truck driver had 4x of everything on it. we had to double box and bag the sucker! Came to $35 for one. It was nuts!

BTW - I hate anchovies on my pizza... only like them in Caesar salad!

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I am a pizza connoisseur and I think cheese is fine with anchovies

I love anchovies on pizza with or without cheese. However, true pizza connoisseurs will say that the cheese overpowers the fish. This is why traditional Italian anchovy pizzas (e.g. Sicilian) does not include cheese.


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Well, I find it hard to believe that cheese can overpower anchovies.

Also, pizza pizza does not use real cheese, whereas Caesar's uses a combination of muenster and mozzarella. Pepi's uses real cheese but I do not know what kind or the ratios. Real cheese will remain opaque after cooling, processed cheese becomes sort of gray/transparent.

And the problem with putting anchovies on after the pizza is cooked, is plain to see. Anchovies, "cold" and just ouf of the tin, are quite oily and brusque. Cooking them mellows and matures the flavour.

This is why I offered to bring my own anchovies. I spoke with a good friend who owns a few pizza places in town, and apparently the anchovies are very expensive and once opened, are not likely to be used before they hit the G-file.

Similarly they are phasing out "small" pizzas as just not worth the time. Which correlated with my research. Try to order a small pizza for delivery and everyone I spoke with asked me to take a medium for the same price. Is it really a medium? Is it really the same price? No idea. But they did not like the idea of a small pizza.

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Try to order a small pizza for delivery and everyone I spoke with asked me to take a medium for the same price. Is it really a medium? Is it really the same price? No idea. But they did not like the idea of a small pizza.


If you're bored you can argue that the medium IS a small if the choices are only medium, large and extra large. I would settle for an extra medium in this scenario.

Also, when I ask how big a pizza is, I want to know how big the pizza is. I don't need to know how many slices it has unless someone has developed an international standard size for a pizza slice (the college of pizza, perhaps?) I have yet to convince them to give me an extra large pizza, cut into 6 slices, for the price of a medium (which is actually a small)

Beer babe

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I am not sure if i've ever had anchovies on pizza. Is the right way to chop them up or do you leave them swimming around on your pizza like below?