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Pixelate/Leisure- Sat.Feb.14


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Saturday February 14th

Leisure & Pixelate Productions present

"The Valentine's Day Affair"


Jason Hodges
Mike Sitchon
Steve Yanko

Who is going? huh? huh? huh?
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I have to go to a birthday party that night, but I hope to make it after and show up nice and sober. :)


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I've been hyped about this one for weeks!!

<<<----- there fo sho!


anyone been to the venue before? I'm trying to picture where it is....
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Re: Jonesy DOES roll calls!!

Originally posted by DEEPHOUSEGRL
I WANT to go, although it depends how long I linger at another Valentines party beforehand.

yeah, baby, yeah!!
doesn't happen all the time, but when it does, look out!!

we're hitting this jam up, i hope you make it!!
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The venue is a 2nd floor loft in the market. Nice size, plenty of dancefloor and very intimate with no club b.s. We anticipate filling up quickly so get there early to ensure entry!

Big Cheese

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well i'm gonna show up after my shift

if 'yall got the PM's, you know the story

hopefully i'll make it in to see alot of you