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Klubmasta Will

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everyone should see this. written and directed by pete docter, whose name i now appreciate as much as brad bird and john lasseter.

this takes its place alongside my favourite pixar flicks, WALL-E, THE INCREDIBLES and TOY STORY 3. it is a fantastic return to form for a studio that lost its way a bit with MONSTER'S UNIVERSITY (okay but nothing special), BRAVE (ho hum) and CARS 2 (unwatchable).

as a new dad, i think this movie hit harder than it otherwise would have. despite that, this movie is for everyone.

go see it!
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Klubmasta Will

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i don't love the 3D, as the visual impact is outweighed by the discomfort of the glasses, but it's the price you pay for seeing it in one of the better theatres. we saw it at the yonge & dundas IMAX cinema, which is excellent.

it is definitely worth seeing this in the best theatre you can find.

i don't want to oversell it, so i hold back on praising it further. i would be curious to know what others here think after they see it.
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Glasses in movie theatres are passive, so should be least uncomfortable of all 3d glasses - for me the issue is less the glasses wearing, which is absolutely fine, but the lower res that movie theatre 3d uses (unless in a dual projector theatre for 3d, which I have not heard exists here in Canada yet)

But for me the 3d effect outweighs this downside, and home 3d can be full res 3d

Klubmasta Will

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Do you think a 4 year old will get the comedic references?

i think the deeper themes would not be fully appreciated by a 4 year old, but there would be plenty for the 4 year old to enjoy.

the amazing thing is that even the more intriguing themes are told in a simple, beautiful, way. i am resisting the urge to further describe what i mean, as i don't want to give away any hint of the themes (as i have seen done in some of the reviews on rotten tomatoes).


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There's a rainbow unicorn...

I took Elise (6) to see this yesterday afternoon. I had overtime hours, there's no school on Wednesday afternoon, why not... and we both enjoyed it. I would have rather seen a non-dubbed version, but it was only playing at night. There are some pretty 'heavy' themes but everything's presented in a way that kids will enjoy.