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?? pirateshipkru.ca update

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room

Nebu kad

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special forces
dillinja (tease)
aquarius 26/1
sonic and silver - hard times
Ram - believe
marcus int + st files - how you make me feel
accidental heroes -???
waterhouse dub (a-sides remix)
futurebound and future cut -
dj loxy - caution
ant miles - china town
total science - esp
c4c - soul
dj die
secret track thats dope
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i'm listening to it right now. it's quite good. i think when it's done, i'll put it on tape, and then head to the stereo, where i can get a better feel for it. :)
tribe cannabis accessories silver grinders


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agreed. wicked for your health, actually. ;)

i had this on this morning and i was dancing around the living room like a maniac -- at least until my wife told me that "drum and bass is not good sunday morning music." whatever.... :p

seriously though, this is a sound i've been hearing in my head for a while. kinda spacey, kinda hard, interesting beats, fluid mixes. check it out.