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Pioneer to sell DJ business

The Truth

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A private equity firm is buying Pioneer's DJ business.

RTT News reports that the US firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts is paying 59 billion yen, or around $551 million, for the division, which is responsible for both the industry-standard CDJ and forthcoming PLX-1000 turntable. Through a transfer of shares as part of the deal, ownership in Pioneer DJ will actually be something like 85/15, with KKR retaining the lion's share of ownership. Reuters notes that the deal seems to be part of a wider strategy of "selling off non-core assets to focus on its automotive electronics business"; it was announced last Friday that the company was selling its home audio-visual division to another Japanese audio company, Onkyo.

RA News: Pioneer to sell DJ business


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Ever since the end of vinyl it's all been boring to me.... Pioneer imo helped kill everything with their "innovations" in CDJs followed up by Presonus and fucking Ableton.