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Pioneer CDJ 500 II - $75 OBO


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Selling a well loved, but 100% functional (and lots of fun) Pioneer CDJ 500 II

Its not a CDJ 800, 1000 mk2 etc.. but I'm surprised how much of the base functionality is in the 500 series (short of scratching, obviously)

Plays CD and CDR's, has loop functionality and pitch control. Also has 'Master Tempo' which keeps the tempo the same while adjusting the pitch (e.g. speed up with no Mickey Mouse effect).

This is just collecting dust in my basement, looking for a home with someone who will have a lot of fun with it.

I'm located in Guelph but work in Oakville and can meet in either.


Pictures etc. here
Pioneer CDJ 500 II - Toronto Electronics For Sale - Kijiji Toronto