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Pills Found In Allan Gardens Dog Park

Musical Rush

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I know there's already a dog thread just wanted to make sure this stood out since people on here use this park.

Pills left in Cabbagetown dog park
Posted: February 22, 2010, 2:01 PM by Rob Roberts

By Meghan Housley, National Post

Dog owners found several pills scattered around a Cabbagetown dog park yesterday.

Police collected approximately a half dozen pills for further investigation at Allan Gardens. Const. Tony Vella said no dogs were sickened, but there is concern when suspicious substances are being left out for animals to find.

Alda Loughlin, practice manager at the Animal Clinic on Mutual Street, said that if a dog has eaten prescription barbiturates, which affect the central nervous system, it will show signs of stress 40-60 minutes after ingesting the pills.

“If it’s poison of any sort, dogs show the clinical signs of stress,” Ms. Loughlin said. “If they ingest something that might upset them, they usually start throwing up and if it’s poison they start foaming at the mouth.”

She urges dog owners who have witnessed their dogs eating pills to get them to an animal hospital immediately, so the dog’s system can be flushed.

Pills left in Cabbagetown dog park - Posted Toronto

glych t.anomaly

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skin deep

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The park by my apartment is overrun by rats. Maybe not overrun, but there's a bunch. Last year, there were no rats, but somebody had their dog die after it ate something in the bushes.

I prefer the rats.


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Dogs eating pills. Yeah right. They flee for their lives soon as they hear the bottle being opened. Put it in an inch of peanut butter and they still find a way to spit it out.


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While it is true that you can't get a dog to swallow a pill, the key fact you are overlooking is that they won't swallow one when they're supposed to. I bet if you left them lying around and they weren't supposed to eat it, they would.

Didn't somebody post a few years ago that his dog had eaten a doorknob?


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let's just see here... my dog has, in the past year, consumed the following:

- books, magazines, newspapers
- pieces of wood
- dog poop
- his own barf
- one of our cats' hairballs
- half a french loaf
- two whole chocolate bars (he was fine after - no tummy upset, either! big dog.)
- a bowl of jello
- parts of a dead seagull
- chicken bones
- various small plastic toys
- fabric (various)
- leather gloves
- two pairs of shoes
- a cell phone
- a Rogers remote (half of it, anyway)

... and actually he's pretty good about swallowing his medicine (pills), too. we just hold his mouth open and drop it down his throat. he's never tried to yack it up either.


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lol acheron! i have a pretty good list of random shit they eat as well.

my big dog, zak, has gotten quite adept at getting up on the kitchen counter while we're at work and helping himself to whatever he finds. we thought we were pretty safe when we left some gourmet hot chocolate powder on the counter in january. but no, he ate it all. he also shared some pistachios with molly one day while we were at work. they ate them on the couch, and left all the shells for us to clean up.

i think it all started when i left a package of defrosting ground beef in the sink one day, and came home to make dinner, only to find that my ground beef had mysteriously disappeared. ever since then, he pretty much helps himself to whatever he can find.