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Pilates or yoga pants for men that aren't Lululemon


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I am looking for some pilates or yoga pants that aren't Lululemon as I am starting back at pilates again.

In the past I did own a pair of Lululemon pants that were very expensive to buy, but they pilled and fuzzed within the first few weeks. When I took them back to the shop the sales chick reluctantly replaced them and told me I could always shave them... Like WTF. Now I see that the fabric in them is stretched out of all shape and proportion.

I am wondering are there any other companies that make pilates pants for men that are hopefully better quality and less expensive?


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yoga gear

Hey AlexD
Target or Walmart, or Zellers; big box places. I went to the men's sport section and found lots of selection in stretchy shirts and pants that A) don't look weird and B) leave room for your body (i.e. no spandex required). And best of all; less than $20 per piece; cheap enough to replace regularly.
Me: I teach men yoga. I use this stuff daily.